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Focused Solar Sales

Solar Sales Management

Boost Productivity. Increase Focus. Sell Faster.

Forcivate's Solar Sales Management (SSM) has everything you need to manage your solar sales process efficiently and effectively.

Automated Lead Capture & Assignment

Lead Scoring & Prioritization

Referral Program Management

Marketing Campaign Management

SMS & Email Integration

Automated Appointment Scheduler

Proposal & Contract Generation

Sales Commission Calculator

Enhanced Data Analytics



Streamlined Solar Operations

Solar Operations Management

Increase Efficiency. Simplify Processes. Ensure Satisfaction.

Forcivate's Solar Operations Management (SOM) covers everything from site surveys to installation and maintenance, ensuring your solar operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Residential & Commercial Installation Processes

Automated Project Status Updates

Automated Site Visit Scheduler

Customer Portal

Site Survey & Design Process

Procurement Management

Installation & Inspection Process

Vendor Management

Customer Success Tools



Holistic Business Management

Solar Resource Management

Enhance Communication. Drive Growth. Make Strategic Decisions.

Forcivate's Solar Resource Management (SRM) connects all business functions, ensuring your solar company runs smoothly and efficiently.

Bridges SSM & SOM

AI-Driven Data Analytics

Financial Insights

Unified Business Functions

Continuous Support for Success


Hire Experts. Solve Problems. Ensure Success.

Forcivate's eSupport service is designed to ensure your solar business runs smoothly and efficiently. We provide comprehensive support that covers everything from platform customization to business consulting, ensuring you have the help you need when you need it.

Tailored Business Solutions

SME Guidance & Support

Round-the-Clock Help

Quick Issue Resolution

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